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Model A1288 / 8, 16, or 32 GB capacity

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powered the iPod with the screen off

Im in the process of replacing the glass/digi on an ipod touch 2nd gen, and when i picked it up off the table i powered it on (friggen power button on the opposite side of iphone ugh!!). It currently does not have the screen on it. How can i power it off, to replace the digitizer, or do you think it will matter? I know its not a great idea to hotswap the part, but the battery is soldered so disconnecting it is kinda out of the question.

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josephcreveling ,

The unit should go back to sleep in a few seconds by itself since it sounds like you already have the digi disconnected. If you are just replacing the digi glass it won't matter. I have done many of them without failure both on and off. You have to connect the plug before you snap the mid frame bezel and glass back into place and if you are worried about it you can plug it in, hold the off button until the red slide comes up and slide it to the right, wait a few seconds and then snap it in. Shouldn't matter though. If you were replacing the battery that is a different story.

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OK cool, thanks Marc.


and we have success


Awesome! Thanks for letting us know. Have fun. I know I love my iPods. I have 3 of them 1 video, 1 shuffle and 1 touch which is why I started working on them in my spare time!


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