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Repair information and support for the Acer Aspire E15 laptop, released from Acer in 2015. Model number: E5-575-33BM.

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Why is my keyboard not lighting up and there's a burning smell?

I dropped my laptop from 2.5 feet from the ground onto carpet and now the keyboard doesn't light up, as well as a terrible burning smell when on for 5 minutes and gets hot significantly faster than before. I called Acer and they told me it would cost $500 to repair and I don't have that money. And if I did I might as well just get a new laptop.

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Thank you! I was advised by a repair shop, after they took it apart, that the best course of action was to just buy a new machine since it would have to be replaced. Making that out to be the same price as the laptop itself.

Thank you for the speedy response!

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A burning smell means a short circuit. Likely a wire insulation burning but could be something on the main PCB. Do not turn it back on as we know that the Li ion batteries can catch fire. If you open the computer, remove the battery first (if possible) and look for the burned area. If it is a wire, fix the short if you can fine it then the wire. If you can't then it is like on a PC board (which you can't fix). You may find another repair shop but it would probably be better to find another computer. Check Ebay.

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