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An all-in-one inkjet printer, scanner, copier series by HP. Model number CX042A.

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for 24 hours printer still running on previous work will not print

why printer won't print still running from previous job for 24 ours

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2 Antwoorden

You need to cancel the print job through the printers and devices on your PC (windows) or at the very least unplug your printer to try to cancel the printjob. Another option if you have Windows, is to right click on the bottom picture of the printer and you can get to the options of cancelling the print job. Start from scratch and try the print job again (keep it simple and only tell it to print one page at first).

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If you are using Windows, check the Print Spooler Service to see if it is running. You can get to the services by going into Control Panel and selecting System or go to Computer Management and select Services and look for Print Spooler, it may need to be stopped and then restarted.

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