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Device and repair information for the Dell XPS 13 laptop models 9343 and 9350, which were both released in 2015.

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Can you buy this part anywhere?

Recently, when opening my xps 13, something snapped. After taking the back cover off, I realized that the part that holds the back left screw in snapped off so that the screw has nothing to screw into. This causes me to have to hold it together everytime I open and close the cover. I want to replace the part but I do not know what it is called or where to find it.

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Are you sure it still isn't under warranty? You can check here:


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Have you still got the part that snapped off? I assume it's some kind of pillar. You might be able to glue it back on with epoxy glue, and build up some extra epoxy around the fracture to give it the required strength. If you haven't got it or if that doesn't work, you could maybe re-form the pillar with thermoplastic - very sticky when hot and might just bind to the laptop shell sufficiently - then drill a hole in it to take the screw.

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I think I'll try the thermoplastic. The only thing I'm not sure on is what size hole I should drill into it. I tried looking it up but I was only able to find that it was a t5 screw which I already knew and isn't that helpful.


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What you are describing is the loss of a brass bushing that is set into the cover. The pillar is just plastic and can crack allowing the bushing to fall out. If the laptop is still in warranty then Dell will replace the cover unless it is found to be abuse damage. If it is out of warranty, use a plastic glue that is hard when cured and use sheet metal screws to hold together.

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