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Repair and troubleshooting information for the Suzuki FA50 Moped.

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After running awhile scooter dies

Hi first timer here. I am working on a 85' fa50 Suzuki. The owner says he can drive it about a mile then seems to die like no fuel. He tries starting it and gas comes out of the trail pipe. He had somebody else look at it about 2 yrs ago. The other guy said the only thing he could think of was the petcock. Well I just pulled it apart and everything looked good including the diaphragm and O-rings. Any other suggestions. I would really

appreciate them.


Update (07/08/2017)

Thanks for the info. I did some more checking it seems the coil, cdi box, and rectifier checked out to be bad

from sitting. I can find the coil, rectifier, and I ordered them. But having problem for CDI box. Does anyone

know where I can find one at a decent price. That way I can get this bike done and go on to the next prolem.

Thank you

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What is a good compression range for a FA-50??? Mine is 90 but have no idea if that is the culprit causing the no-run issue. Spark is good, and I can keep it running squirting eth. into the carb throat.


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@tolle "gas comes out of the trail pipe" sounds like it's flooding. Check the carburetor properly, make sure that the float and needle valve are seated and properly functioning. Check 1983 FA50 Suzuki Carb continues to leak gas on here as well as After riding my moped, it wont stay idling

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