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2.3L 4cyl or 3.0L V6, 6th Generation

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What is the glue in fixing gasket on cylinder head?

What is the glue or adhesive in fixing gasket on cylinder head?

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Not all vehicles require a sealant when replacing a head gasket. You will want to look in the owners manual for whether or not your vehicle requires a sealant or not. It will give you the specs need to get the job done correctly. When you are cleaning the head make sure you do not use anything corrosive to metal or any tool that could scratch the gasket area. In case you do not have an owners manual I have placed a link below where you can get it for free in a PDF file.

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most head gaskets go on dry as they allow the head to 'slide' during thermal expansion and contraction. Thats why cylinder heads today require a very smooth surface, measured in RA's.

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