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How do I stop the fan making a strange repeating noise?

I've recorded a minute and a half of this sound, which started this morning while the computer was in sleep mode.

Yesterday the fan was extremely loud in comparison to its usual operating volume, but didn't go into repeat mode like today. I'm concerned there may be some abrasion of fan parts if I keep the laptop in operation.

The sound now varies somewhat, as sometimes the fan gains speed then it sounds like it hits a barrier and stops. I initially thought it had to do with the device running too many processes (closing Edge made it stop for a while), but now am not convinced.

I bought this device brand new not even two months ago. I need it to run my business, so can't afford downtime.

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Hi, @mcesquared - thanks, I THINK it's fixed now. It booted fine this morning but I checked the updates status anyway, as you suggested, which was an odyssey in itself. There didn't seem to be any driver updates needed, and the most recent ones were dated 23 June 2017. A Windows update was needed, so I've downloaded that (not followed through with the restart yet), but all seems to be quiet for the moment. I suspect updates may have been installed updates which dealt with the problem, but I admit I have no idea how to check.

So the answer is a querulous I hope so, with sincere thanks for the advice.


You can check for installed updates from the Windows Updates manager. You might have to hunt around in Control Panel to find it, since MS likes hiding useful settings whenever they do one of their incessant UI updates.

If you notice similar problems in the future you should install a CPU and fan monitor app. If the fan is having physical problems (lint, detritus or defective bearings etc) you'll probably see high CPU temperatures. Average range for CPUs these days is about 40-70 degrees C. If you're seeing temps spike above about 70 under heavy load together with unusual fan noise, it might mean you have a fan problem that needs dealing with. The fan itself is the least of your issues at that point; fans cost far less to replace than burned-up CPUs.

Best of luck!


Thanks, @mcesquared, once I did the updates (wicked finding them, as you say) per your recommendation then rebooted, the fan went quiet again. I'll follow your advice on getting a CPU and fan monitor app (any advice on where to find a good one will be gratefully received).

@lpfaff1 , thank you for your help as well. This has addressed my concern for now. I wasn't able to easily locate a service centre in Johannesburg from the Support link provided, so if the problem recurs I'll go back to the original vendor and request service.

Best to both of you,



Try Open Hardware Monitor ( The documentation is good and it's open source. Alternatively, you could check your BIOS.


Hello sorry to add on to this thread Linsey, I have the exact same issue as you, may I know if you have resolved your issue and how did you do it?


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Linsey Dyer, I realize you are worried about down time, but the computer is new and you should have repaired under warranty ASAP before something possibly heats up because of failing fan and causes bigger issue. You can perhaps use the link below for warranty, see if repair location near by and they can give you a turn around time or you can express your need of the computer and need express repair done. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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First you should make sure that the drivers are all up-to-date by visiting Asus's support site ( and checking for driver updates for your system. You should check that your Windows updates are current as well.

If there are no available updates you should talk to Asus about what you can to do to fix the issue and keep your warranty intact, as doing DIY repairs will usually invalidate any warranties. The good news is that the repair should be an easy one, so it's possible you could get your notebook back quickly, depending on parts availability and the techs' backlog.

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Hello sorry to add on to this thread Linsey, I have the exact same issue as you, may I know if you have resolved your issue and how did you do it?

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