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The 2014 version of the Galaxy Note 10.1", running a Exynos 5 processor and 3 Gb of ram. Released October 2013.

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How do I replace just the glass or touch? Any manual or procedure?

I need a manual to replace only the glass or touch of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 (2014 Edition) SM-P600

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@marcktj , pretty easy with the the appropriate tools and know how. When separating the digitizer from the mid frame I recommend playing cards and concentrated heat pointed way from the LCD, helps prevent damage to the LCD which could make your repair much more expensive. Most important make sure your find the exact screen as the look similar but can be slightly different. The video linked should give you a general idea of what you’d be doing. Good luck!

Tip: not touching the LCD , at all, will make the job much easier. As it doesn’t have any scratch protection so wiping it with a cloth will create scratches .

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Don't forget about the suction cup!


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