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Repair guides and support for riding lawn tractors sold under the Murray brand name, currently owned by Briggs & Stratton.

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Starting issues with magneto grounded

Murray 405000x8e

So have no spark purchased new magneto no spark. Pulled ground off it and fires right up.

My question is how is easiest way to test switches I can only find the seat switch? Best easiest way to test them ? Cut wire of switch and try to start?

And I can not locate any other switch any clue where could be located?

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@carpinojoe looks like your mower has a few more safety switches. It appears to have a clutch/brake and PTO safety switch.

Block Image

Follow the wiring harness (colors) to determine the actual location. I would not cut the wire but use some jumpers with alligator clips or similar. Sometimes even some heavy duty paper clips will work.

The parts manual from here Murray Tractor Parts list and Location should also further help to locate the switches.

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405000x8g is what I have I cannot find the part number for the Magneto or the starter I took all the wires out the safety switches and everything and everything and I tried to wire it the most simplest way the less way but every time I go to start it smokes underneath the Magneto and the smoke is white what all started this was me running over concrete Boulder in my yard and I got a really loud squealing noise

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