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Samsung's flagship phone, the Galaxy S8. Released in April 2017.

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Broken front screen (touchscreen still works).

My s8 was apparently damaged while in my pocket (phone is 2 wks old, never dropped).

Damage is limited to a small (5mm) part on the lower corner, and I'm still able to use the touch functions. (turned on developer options, and feature that lights-up where touched - and entire screen touch still works, even where glass is broken.)

I have put some clear plastic adhesive tape over the broken part of the glass to prevent cracks from spreading as a temporary fix.

Touch function still works, can I simply replace the front glass? I see some options on ebay for about $30. (incl tools). "S8 Glass Replacement Screen Lens Front Outer Repair Parts". (I do not see this available on ifixit - otherwise I'd prefer ifixit as a vendor, of course).

Or do I need to buy a whole new digitizer (@$300)?

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You technically could replace only the glass, but it would be really expensive as you would need a special machine to freeze the adhesive that holds the glass and the display together, so the best thing to do is to buy a new digitizer.

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Alibaba has a lot of cheap and good quality front touch glass outer lens for samsung s8


You can search for keywords"Replacement parts 3D front touch glass outer lens for samsung s8" in Alibaba


Tell me about Samsung s8+. Is the touch pad alone replaceable?!


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Only replace the front glass need many machines like Freezing separate mechine, Bubble remove machine

and others mechines.

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This question is old, but my front glass broke from a fall, but the screen itself is undamaged. There are plenty of tutorials on youtube showing how to replace the front glass without disassembling the phone and no need for specialized machinery; some simple purpose utensils, a hair dryer/heat gun, and isopropyl alcohol is all that’s needed.

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I know this is an old answer but it is not quite correct. How are you going to adhere the new glass to the old display? You need plenty of consumables to get this done right. If one has never done this, it is not as easy as YT videos make it out to be.


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