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My phone is not charging and is stuck on 1%

my iphone se is not charging and it stays stuck at 1% battery with the charger pluged.

when i remove the charger it stays on for 20 seconds, but it's moving verry verry slow, it s like the battery not giving enough power.. after the phone shuts off, is trying to turn on by himself, apearing the apple logo and disapearing until probably drains all the remaining battery..

when i plug the charge, the apple logo apears and disapears couple of times and after 2-3 minutes the operating system starts normaly with the 1% battery(probably the battery is charging a little bit).

there are times when the phone starts with 100% battery but when i remove the charger, the same problem, it s shuting down after 20 seconds

the battery is new, but it s an aftermarket.. could it be something else beside the battery?

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I’m having sorta the same problem, but mine is stuck at one percent but dosent die when it’s off the charger, I plug it in and it still says 1% no matter how long I leave it, but it also dosent die off the charger


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The most likely culprit is the battery. There are many cheap and poor quality batteries on the market. I would certainly try a new one or preferably, a known-good battery.

If that doesn't solve your problem, then you likely have a defective charge circuit on the logic board. It could be as simple as the battery gas gauge line having a blown or dislodged filter or it could be at the Tristar/Tigris chip level. Those are not DIY repairs and you should seek out an experienced micro-solderer if you don't have the tools or experience.

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Wow! Nice Job on 25k! Head over to meta for the celebration!

You forgot to mention who has the best batteries around: iPhone SE Replacement Battery


@pccheese what this celebration?


@theimedic check out ifixit meta at https://meta.ifixit.com It's for site related stuff. I finally got the post up. I thought I posted it when I didn't.


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