27" display with 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution Thunderbolt & MagSafe cable attachments

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Will a usb c to thunderbolt 2 adapter work?

If I use a usb c(non thunderbolt) connector to a thunderbolt 3 to thunder bolt 2 adapter, will I be able to use a thunder bolt display?

Update (06/05/2017)

I just realized what i said was completely retarted, let me phrase it. the connector is a thunder bolt 2 connector, I'm trying to convert the usb c port on my computer to a thunder bolt 2. I was wondering if i could use a thunder bolt 3 to thunder bolt 2 cable, since thunder bolt 3 is i think the same as usb c? Also thanks for the reply really would appreciate the help

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What's the connector on the display?


here is the link to the adapter https://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/control...


I used one today and it worked fine.


That link just takes me to B&H.


Ok, he changed it, because it did take me to the adapter


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One box from Apple says, what we are calling a Thunderbolt 3 is indeed a USB-C.

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@mayer can you accept your own answer? I would have vote but it isn't giving me that choice.


@pccheese I'd probably loose my moderator position if I ever voted myself up or accepted one of my own answers, and rightly so. Only politicians vote for themselves.


I figured so. I wish I had the option, after all the OP did say you fixed it. We'll just need The Meister of Moderation to do it, @oldturkey03.

It's fine to vote for your self, If your the only option... :-)


Sorry about :P


It's all good. Sometimes poop happens. I don't think there was any harm intended. NT sorry I moved your answer back into the comment section:-)


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