Apple logo will not show even when connected to the charger.

iPad 3 Wi-Fi

Third generation of iPad with Wi-Fi.

Model Number A1416.

Apple logo will not come up even when connected to the charger.

The ipad was not used for weeks and maybe the battery drained and now that we try to charge it and connect to its charger, it does not show that it's charging nor show the apple logo.

How can I have this fixed?

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Did the battery sign is showing when you connect the charger ? Leave it in charge for a longer period of time, it should turn on.


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Providing charger and cable are known to be working for sure, it might be a matter of oxydised charging port. A replacement comes quite cheap. Otherwise it might be the battery doesn't take charge anymore and needs replaced. It might be a faulty Lcd screen too. In any case you'd need to take it apart and use the try and error method unless you have tools and knowledge to test parts.

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