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MacBook Air models with 11" displays

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Power button not working

A MacBook A1465 came in today with no power, took it apart tested it all out, found that the power button doesn't work and everything else seem brilliant, my question is can I just replace the keyboard or do I have to replace the full uppercase? TIA

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Here's the part:

Here's a video on doing it:

Here's how to pull the rivets:

I replace the rivets with screws in a kit like this:

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awesome mate, thanks, im in the uk and would need it asap

would this work

also is it important to replace the rivets with screws, the reason i ask is they take two weeks coming to the uk and i want to get it done asap


@reecee may know of a supplier in the UK


@krayzee yes that part is fine. You'll need to order screws too (search on eBay for a1369 keyboard screws). Make sure it's not an issue with the trackpad cable (sometimes this can cause an issue with the power button, instead of the keyboard).

You don't need a backlight, you can reuse the old one if it lights fine, so you should be able to get it for cheaper. As long as it is an A1465 2011-2015 keyboard, it will work fine


@reecee This comment is what saved my machine. Power button not working, and saw evidence of a liquid on the keyboard. I replaced the keyboard but the problem persisted. Checked the trackpad cable (thanks to your comment) and the connector was severely corroded. Replaced it and now the machine is fixed. Thank you!


@tburns4 glad it helped you. You thank a answer provider by uo voting the answer


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