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Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiable by the model numbers A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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Replaced SCreen on iPhone 6 but now WON't turn on or even connecT!:(

So I replaceed the screen of a shattered iphone 6. worked BUT i accidently busted the metal back plate htat had a ribben cable to hook up the touch ID. the phone was dead during this process.

when i got the new back plate, i dissassembled the screen and such and replaced the back plate and hooked everything back together.

now the screen nor the phone will turn on or even connect to my mac.

the second time tho, the iphone was charged...and i forgot to disconnect the battery.

did I screw up the phone? is it DEAD? is there anything i can do?

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My first suggestion would be forgetting the screen and display for a moment. Lets figure out getting power first. If you have a multi meter, google how to check battery voltage. Also look up checking voltage at the connector to see if it is sending voltage to charge battery. Post results and we can try a few things one at a time to minimise confusion.

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Thanks Michael! Ill see if I can get a hold of them meters.

Do you think I may have blew something since i didnt disconnect the battery?

I know when i changed the display, it worked, but the at the time the battery was dead. When I went to change the button cable back plate, the battery was charged.


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I'd be happy to try and help but a bit confused by the way you described the issue. Can you try again and rephrase it?

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Thanks man!

Errr lemme try again.

I got an iPhone 6.

The screen was smashed but iPhone was still functional.

Few weeks later, I ordered a replacement screen/digitizer off amazon.

I didnt unplug battery cause it was already dead.

Replacement screen worked but touch ID didnt work becuase i damaged the ribben on the metal back plate that connects the touch id to the phone.

so a week later, I ordered a new metal back plate (since the ribben was attached to it).

I took it apart and removed old plate/ribben and put in new one.

whole process, I forgot to unplug battery so phone was on entire time. thought it wouldnt hurt since i wasnt doing anything to serious.

phone went dead when everything put back together.

took it apart again to ensure everything was connected.

still nothing.

wont turn on or even connect to itunes.

does that help?

thanks again bro!


Im thinking that if you verify you are getting voltage, your battery is charging, its most likely not a power issue and your phone is booting...then verify you are not in DFU mode. If ITunes is not recognising it and it appears not to power could be several things and would do further troubleshooting.

But if it was working previously, its getting power and not displaying troubleshoot backlight or just bad LCD or LCD damage and verify with another . I doubt you "blew" anything other than backlight filter or potential "long screw damage" by accidently mixing up screw from FPC Connector Shield.

I would definitely recommend getting a multi meter and hopefully a good, working model of iphone so you could test your device lcd and logic board. But through troubleshooting it...youll figure it out


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Try a new backplate or boot up your phone whiteout the Touch ID cable connected to the logic board. I think the long flex cable is damaged.

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Well I personally think this is a better suggestion:

1. Unplug battery - You should always disconnect all potential power sources like battery and charging cable before unplugging any other cables on a phone if possible.

2. Unplug home button extension cable, a defective home button extension cable (replacement or not) can stop the iPhone from booting.

3. Keep the screen plugged in but not the home button extension cable then plug battery back in and hope that it displays apple logo.

Note: When I had a faulty home button extension cable do this one it would actually show apple logo then go off quickly and will not show up again until I replugged battery.

Your case might be actually two things at the same time:

A faulty home button extension cable and a blown backlight filter from plugging the screen in while battery plugged in causing a no backlight dim display.

You can confirm this if you can get it to recognise on the computer via iTunes as not in recovery mode, turned on but no display.


i tried what u said and still nothing. itunes wont detect it and the screen wont even turn on for a second. think the board or something is fried from me not disconnecting the battery?


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