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The Microsoft Surface 2 was manufactured by Microsoft Corporation and is the second generation of Microsoft tablets. It was launched on October 22, 2013 and includes features such as upgraded processing power and screen resolution.

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My tablet doesn't start


I have a surface 2 since 3 years but today i can't start it.

I have connect with charger but always no response.

The light of the cable is on.

Nobody can repair it i hope you can help me.


PS: sorry for my english it's not my natural language.

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Hi Joey and thanks

You're great.

My surface is ok

Thanks very much -)


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I know this sounds silly, but I have experienced the same thing a few times with multiple Surface devices.

Unplug the power adapter and hold the power button for 60 secs. Plug the power adapter back in and see if it boots up.

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