Samsung Galaxy J1 Touchscreen Completely Unresponsive?

I presume it was an app I downloaded (it got an update that messed up my phone), but now I can't touch the screen at all. This isn't the first time this has happened (it's happened 3 times now), and it's probably time to get a new phone but I just can't afford one right now. Unlike many other answers where they can still touch the screen but it freezes out, mine is literally completely unresponsive. Notifications and text messages pop up in the menu but I can't tap any of them, nor can I put in my passcode. I can still trigger the menu that can shut down and restart the phone, but I can't tap it. I've removed the battery, removed the SD card, let it die, charged it back up, nothing was working and nothing I found online was even remotely what my issue was. So I factory resetted it using the 'power on + home + volume up' buttons. The phone reset, but I still can't tap the screen! Now it's just stuck on the Setup Wizard. I figured I might need to get it fixed or just get a new phone, but I'd really rather not spend any more money than I have on this %#*@ phone. Any advice?

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