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The Galaxy S7 Edge is the curved-screen variant of Samsung's 2016 flagship phone, the Galaxy S7. Announced February 2016 and released on March 11. Model SM-G935.

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Need a replacement display for Galaxy S7 SM-G9350 injustice model

Does anyone know where to find a replacement screen for my galaxy S7 Edge, Injustice edition,

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You can get the digitizer here:

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Thanks Mayer, but this link does not have the SM-G9350 model, so it will not work.


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That video shows you how to replace it. Any parts and tools you need are in the description.

You can also get the entire assembly from ifixit, although they only have white and gold.

Galaxy S7 Edge Screen

Galaxy S7 Edge Screen afbeelding


Galaxy S7 Edge Screen


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Cameron, but do you know where to get the screen. It must be a SM-G9350 model


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I just joined this site, so please bear with me. From what I understand is that there were only 1000 of this edition manufactured. The most unique feature of this phone is its appearance, notably the black with gold accents, logo on the back, a gold/black button and ..... the display has "SAMSUNG" written on the top of the screen. Needless to say Samsung it not very helpful.... and that is an understatement. I can get my hands on the glass back, I think they are quite a few. But the screens are few and far between. I have found a couple of solutions. 1. Send the phone back to China (which is an awkward process and at first I thought, what the !&&* it was made there so who would know best. There support kinda made me apprehensive at first then ended up very turned off and I am not choosing that option). 2. Buy the CORRECT screen and have it installed.

Samsung USA and overseas do not play well together nor really care to. There are authorized Samsung service centers here that will replace the screen. HOWEVER they can not get it. Samsung overseas will not sell/ship here. Samsung here will not order the screen nor even order the screen and charge to install. If they would cooperate and get the right part and install/warranty it I would be more than "over spend for this."

Sorry for the "book" but here is what I am trying.I have found a dealer in China that is a Samsung Authorized repair and spare parts center. I am going there over the summer and will be taking my phone there and also, as long as I see it is correct I will bring a spare back with me. I have spent countless frustrating hours about this and I am not looking to make anything, but share my experiences with and hopefully someone will find it helpful. At the same time if anyone has any other ideas or OEM screens please let me know.... Also I am curious, how many people experience a vertical pink line on the right side towards the edge and are looking for a replacement due to that, or, if you want a new screen because it cracked. Mine has both, developed a pink line then I dropped it... Hope someone finds this helpful.

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Can you bring one xtra for me?


Thanks for the help and insight!

Did you ever get your replacement screen, and get it fixed?

I'm from the UK and have a Batman Edition S7 Edge that has a smashed front and back screen. It still works as normal, so I'm still able to use it, but I would love to get it replaced with the correct screen at some point soon.

Like you, my local Samsung service centres are unable to help.

Let us know how you got on? Thanks!


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