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Samsung Galaxy smartphone featuring a large display , and large font size.

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Screen does not turn on

When pressing a home or power button, the phone illuminates the "menu" and "back" buttons, then after a few seconds the screen shows up for less than a second, then goes black again.

After 3-5 tries, I may get lucky and the screen finally turns on so I can unlock the phone and use it.

Are there any solutions before I try factory reset?

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There are some step to reset your phone in safe mode

press the power key and hold for like 20 sec .

now tap the power off option .

just press the power key and hold if for more than 1 min

keep holding it . it may ask you to confirm the safe mode

please confirm it and wait for 1 min .

And second method is -

To Boot android phone in safe mode you can also try Volume Up + Volume Down + Power without doing reboot on your phone .

this may take you to recovery options also be care full here you don’t want to end up resetting your phone and losing you settings and data.

Note- But I think Your phone is just a hanging problem because of some virus so after reset update new antivirus.

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Thank you!!!


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