Trackpad and Mouse usb left button doesn't work!

Hi all,

Recently some buttons of my built-in keyboard were broken (caps lock, 2, tab), after a while also return botton it stopped working, so i decided to change my keyobard.

During replacement I accidently broke the trackpad cable, so after the keyboard replacement I boot up my computer and found some problems:

- The pc started with fans going crazy

- The keyboard work, but intermittently

After some research on internet I discovered that inside the trackpad cable there is a temperature sensor so I bought on ebay a trackpad cable to resolve the problem.

Meanwhile I was thinking that the keyboard was faulty.

Today I replace the trackpad cable, boot up the pc and:

- The fan problem is resolved

- My keyboard is fully and quikly responsive


- Trackpad still doesn't work and if I insert a usb mouse the left button doesn't work!

cursor is moving, and right button work, but left button not so it's impossible to use the computer.

I tried 2-3 times to open the pc and check if the trackpad cable is correctly inserted and it is.

So I don't know if the trackpad cable is faulty and i have to buy a new cable, or if there is another problem.

The only strange thing I noticed is that when the trackpad cable is inserted at boot up the dvd noise can be heard two times instead of once.

Hope someone can help me!

Thank you in advance and sorry for my bad english :)

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