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Where is my MacBooks power on pads?

I spilled water on my macbook and the power button is not working

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Sorry to say but its not just your power button that doesn't work. Electronics and water DONT mix. If you spill water on your computer, unplug it and get the battery out ASAP to save it.

You can try this.

Electronics Water Damage

If that doesn't work. its dead and you probably will need a new logic board or new macbook.

There isnt a late 2015 but there is the early 2015 which is probably what you have.

Here is the guide to take it apart.

Demontage van de MacBook Pro 13" met Retina-scherm begin 2015

You need to tear it down and then put it back together after you followed the guide above.

Thats where they are, but i suggest to follow the guide above anyways

Where are the power pads to short it on?

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@cam2363 You didn't answer the question


@mayer I know. I assumed the person thought that just because it didnt work that the power button was broke. The power button is fine. I also didnt want the person to continue to try to turn it on to avoid as much damage as possible


Most of the time a liquid spill shorts out the keyboard, preventing the power button from starting up the machine. This usually involves a keyboard replacement.


@mayer liquid spills also seep through it and damage the logic board, damaging it. Im assuming from the op short answer, they dont know how a computer works.


The newer the machine the less likely it has gotten to the logic board. The newer keyboards have better backing, allowing for fewer access portals to the logic board. If what i have seen about 70% of the boards don't get hit.


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Start with a through diagnostic and report back with your findings -

MacBook water damage diagnostic

Then clean the board -

How to Correctly clean corrosion from a MacBook Pro logic board.

After cleaning the board you should loosely reassemble and test, then let us know what you find.

MacBook Pro 13" Retina Display Afbeelding


MacBook water damage diagnostic



4 hours

MacBook Pro Afbeelding


How to Correctly clean corrosion from a MacBook Pro logic board.



2 hours

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