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D1760-2 DECT 6.0 Cordless Home phone with caller ID.

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Recently started getting "Check TEL Line" on phones HELP!

Recently started getting "Check TEL Line" on the phone screens. Tried unplugging, resetting the modem, etc. Still shows up and no dial tone. Sounds like an open line though.

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This is a ViOP phone. There is no physical line. Cold boot of base. Rebooted router. No luck.


I get no line what does this me


There are no"lines"! This is a VoIP phone.


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Try plugging the phones into a different line, if the issue persists, try an entire different phone, like a cheap one or maybe a really old phone if you still have one.

If nothing changes, call your service provider and see if they can come out and figure out your issue.

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Why do you need to have a certain number of points before you can vote someone's answer down? If it is not helpful once you have tried it wouldn't the person who proposed it need to know that? Also, since you cannot get anyone at Uniden's customer Service on the telephone (they send you through voice mail and then hang up on you after telling you to go to their web-site), how are you suppose to get and answer to your problem?


Well the reason they do that, is sometimes there is spamming issues. like downvote attacks and spam and stuff like that. You need ~200 reputation to downvote. any questions you can ask on you also lose 2 reputation when you downvote to prevent abuse.


Thank for the explanation, BUT it still does not answer the question about how to fix the telephone and get it working again.


I sent a message to Uniden customer support complaining about their customer support (or lack of) and received a message back concerning our problem. "Uniden no longer has live technical support and parts are no longer available through Uniden, We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. You can try doing a reset on the base to see if this resolves the issue. If it does not we would recommend purchasing a new telephone. BASE RESET

1. Disconnect the AC Adapter from the main base.

2. Press and Hold down the Delete Message key the main base.

3. Reconnect the AC Adapter while holding the Delete Message Key.

4. Wait for the long beep tone.

5. The base message counter will display "88" then "P"

6. Press the Play/Stop key on the main base and the Message counter will go to "0".

Hope this helps but I had to buy a new telephone. At least this came from a Uniden Support Tech.


I just had the cable company who provides service to the phone look at the problem and we determined that it was the socket that the phone plugged into (in side the house), that was wrong. There was no dial tone coming out of the phone and that was the cause of the Check Tel Line message, we plugged into a different telephone jack and the message went away. Just thought you would like to know.


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see the message I put under comments

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Check the Tel line connecting the phone to your modem. Make sure it is connected to either Phone1 or Phone2 and not DSL

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