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Why the keyboard and the mouse pad dont work well?

When i press the backspace button once , it deletes all what i wrote , and sometimes doesn't work.

And the mousepad works and suddenly it stop working ( i can move the mouse but i can't click), to get it work back i should press the windows button twice.

How can i fix it please.

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Make sure your drivers are up to date.

Have you run a virus scan?

Have any liquids been spilled on the device?

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Yup, last year l spilled some olive oil on the keyboard but everything have been ok


That might be your problem, oil doesn't evaporate like if you spilled water on it, it will have stayed and become more viscous with time and heat, and is the probably cause of the keys sticking; or at least the internal parts of the keys.

I'd suggest replacing the keyboard and the mouse pad.


what about cleaning them ? can solve the problem ?


It would be worth a try, if you were up for it, but I've cleaned keyboards before, year old orange juice was causing the same kind of problem as this, initially nothing but then keys started to stick months later.

The problem is that laptop keyboards are mostly sealed units and aren't meant to be taken apart, but like I say worth a shot.


If you take it out, remove all the keys and clean it under water, and then leave it out to dry for a week and then put the keys back it should be ok.


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