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Kinect is a gaming peripheral for the Microsoft Xbox 360. It allows for audio and video input to let the player be the controller.

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Can I cut and resplice the kinect cable?

In preparation for the kinect I have installed a USB cable in the wall of my media room. Alas it wont extend the kinect cable. Can I cut the kinect cable and USB cable and twist together the individual cables at the tv end and do the same at the console end so it will use the kinect orange plug that fits the console? Esentially will a USB cable spliced into the Kinect cable work as a make shift extension?

How many individual wires are in the kinect cable and how many individual wires will be in a USB cable.


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There are 10 wires in the camera and the cokack only has four


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I do not think that this will work. The "usual" USB cable consist of only 4 wires Very simple. Maximum length of cable is about 5 m for AWG20 and 0.8 m for AWG28 cable.

1 USB Vcc (Vbus) usually RED, wire should be 20-28 AWG

2 USB Data - usually WHITE, wire should be 28 AWG

3 USB Data + usually GREEN, wire should be 28 AWG

4 GND usually BLACK, wire should be 20-28 AWG

USB D+ and D- are twisted in cable. Outer shell is made of copper braid and aluminum shield.

Colors do not mean anything in the wiring scheme. You can use any color wire to rig something. Just make sure the colors match from end to end. Using the de-facto color is for industry types only.

The Kinect diagram shows a total of nine strands I attach a diagram with this message. So, I do not think that it is a good idea to hack that cable apart. The Xbox Kinect, when you purchase it on its own, will come with a USB converter cable that turns the special Kinect cable into a USB connection. With one of those you can attach a Kinect extension to it without cutting your cable. The extension cable is available in a lot of places like this one

and here is a forum that discusses the extension with USB cable in detail. .....hope this helps and good luck.

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This is easily doable. The only hurdle you face is how/where you will spice in that power connection.

If you cut the orange plug off of the Kinect you will find that there are really only 5 wires you have to deal with. 4 of those are the standard colored USB (Red, Green, White/Yellow, and Black) lines and a Brown wire, which is your 12V lead. In short:

1) Grab USB cable you wont be using and cut off female end.

2) Cut off Orange plug and strip down to the colored wires, remove wire braid.

3) Match colors to proper colors, solder

4) Wire Brown lead to separate end for adapter

5) Wire additional ground to USB Ground (black) lead

6) Wire in new adapter end for power

Voila! There you have it.

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I made it work. Had one grey cable instead of green, one white with black stripe instead of white. The black cable is ground, which I connected to both the black cable of the USB cable and the power supply. I also connected the shielding cables in the extra foiled parts and wrapped these foils with aluminium foil. At the end i wrapped everything with aluminium foil. The brown cable comes to the red cable of the 12 V 2 A power supply.

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It work up to 20m if you use good quality USB cable and a little hack.

First USB cable have only 4 insulated cable under the shield, so i combined the shield and the ground of the split Kinect cable and connected it to the shield only of the usb cable. Then i used the USB cable black wire to connect the Kinect extra yellow cable. All other color should be matching.

KINEX Cable; USB Cable; Description;

Shield + Black; Shield; Gnd

Yellow; Black; +12v

Red; Red; +5v

White; White; Data-

Green; Green; Data+

I also tried to add a dual connector usb and kinect at the end of the modified kinect cable but this didn't work although i am sure it would have worked without the usb extension part.

Of course an active USB repeater cable would be better but that was a quick fix as i couldn't find the official M$ extention cable in store and couldn't wait for it to ship on-line...

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What do I connect the brown wire to and where would I cut the kinect cable?

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Good choice with the foil .I split the ground and took the brown to a sep r rate power supply 12v 2.5 amps way solid now.

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