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The Huawei Ascend G610 is a 5.0-inch Android smartphone released by Huawei in 2013. The G610 includes models G610-U00 and G610-U20.

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Why is my phone won't turn on after I charged it?

Last night I checked my battery percentage and it says 9%. I immediately charged my phone and after several minutes of charging, it turned off by itself and until now it won't turn on. I keep on removing the battery and charge it again but nothing works. I doubt it wasn't dropped and maybe the battery is drained? What is the best solution to this? I'm looking forward for your answers. Thank you guys!

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Try this,

#plug your charger in wall outlet, don't connect its usb to your phone yet.

  1. press and hold power button
  2. while like that....plug in charger usb to phone socket
  3. release power button on sight of starting screen

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