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Bubbling noise after a while near top right of keyboard

Dread sending to Apple after my last Imac stopped weeks after warranty ran out and I had no help - they just didn't care and I lost a complete hard drive - Apparently very rare and down to 'bad luck'!....

I promised myself never to buy another Apple but, here I am again. Out of warranty and this odd bubbling noise starting after a while. I have begun testing and I 'think' it maybe to do with the fan - I've noticed if I sit on the sofa for a while or the bed, the noise begins. As soon as I lay it on a completely flat surface, the noise disappears.

Any help would be greatly appreciated - is there an easy fix as opposed to taking it to Apple which I dread after my last bad experience.



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It could be that when you lay your mac on a soft surface the thin slot for the air intake and exhaust gets partly or completely covered and the fan starts suffering. That might explain why the problem disappears when the machine is used on a completely flat surface. That happens on older machines too, but the trend towards ultrathin razor sharp laptops just makes things worse.

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I have the laptop in the office today and the noise has unfortunately just begun ( on a flat desk) after approx 2 hours.

It is reasonably hot to touch at the base near the air vents so I still think it may have something to do with the fan - no difference in performance.


Easier thing to do is to unscrew the bottom and wait..the moment it starts making the noise put it in vertical position with the mac screen open at about 45º angle and carefully remove the unscrewed bottom. It will be easy to understand where the noise comes exactly from..


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