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Bluetooth on-ear headphones with 40 mm drivers and a 610 mAh battery. Released in 2014.

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The Left side of my headphone is not working


The left side of my headphone is not working now. I charged it fully but no use. I tried connecting it with the cable but still no use. I've no idea what to do as it's out of warranty and JBL is telling me to pay 75% of the MRP. Any solution guys?

Appreciate your assistance



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@joshanjoy check this viudeo for a teardown to see how to get into your headphone.


I also have the same problem and I must still fly for 18 hours from London to Cape Town tomorrow. This really sucks!


My JBL bluetooth headphones were not working on the left side too. They were surprisingly easy to fix. Just like in this video:


Thanks for the reply @solderfix

I but a new headphone now :P


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Left side,

  1. you remove the padding
  2. you remove 4 screw
  3. you use a very small screwdriver to pry the pivot point to be able to gently slide the speaker off.
  4. you will see that the speaker wires for the left speakers are no more soldered.


Block Image

  1. pull them a little bit to have more room to work
  2. use a soldering iron to fix them back respecting the positive/negative connection(red+/black-)


Block Image

Voila! Worked for me.

Sorry for bad english

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hello! I'v checked it all trough, there's not a single wire disconnected.


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Hello....I have a problem

I use JBL headphones.

I accidentally pulled the wire really fast and then I couldn't see the earphones mark anymore

I can hear from the phone and one side of the earphones at the same time.

The wire also have a strange curvy spot....I think something is broken

(Sorry for bad English)

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@joshanjoy there is a crossover cable from one driver (speaker) to the other, check that out. Use a multimeter and check for continuity. Also check the solder connections on the driver (speaker) make sure the cable is still soldered on.

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I'll check

Thanks for your reply @oldturkey03



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