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Tools and repairing parts

I just bought the Smoktech Alien, almost 2 weeks ago and the piece that is where I twist the "tank" into the "mod" is coming up. I've been told by one of the shops told me this could happen by tightening my device to hard or to much and to fix, take out the batteries, and just simply have go unscrew the smallest screws known to man and just make the piece flush with the top, make sure connection looks good and replace the top (keeping the 2 pieces together) and smallest screws screwed back into place, and put batteries back in and it should back to working right again. This is Now it's happening A LOT and I don't know what I'm supposed to do, is there a way that maybe I can do to make the piece not keep coming looses. I've been so careful with how much I tightened it. Also, where do you get the screwdriver and materials to work with these things? The shops I've asked have said they can't work on any device because of FDA rules. So they don't have any to sell.

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From what I can tell from looking at this vaporizer online, it looks like most of the screws I can see are Torx screws (possibly Torx security screws). If there is a small raised bit in the middle of the screw drive area, then it is the Torx security screw. The link below is just an example of the type of screwdriver bit you would need. It would work for both types of screw. I am not sure which size you need, but they also sell security bit sets. I have bought a small Torx set from Lowe's before, and they probably have options at any home center. If you want to find them online, just do a search for "security Torx bits". Unfortunately, I have never taken a vaporizer apart, but maybe someone else on here has.


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I found a small screwdriver set at O'Reilly's auto. The only one it doesn't have is a small enough Phillips bit, but those can be found at O'Reilly's as well. I believe it only cost about$5 for the multi bit set.

Hope this helps...

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