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All-in-one desktop computers from Apple. iMacs have been equipped with Intel processors since January 2006.

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Disc full message, what to do?

I have a iMac about 2 years old, I keep getting the message that the scource disk is full and that I need to delete some files

1) What does this mean?

2) How do you delete files?

3) What files can you delete?

4) Can you fit a new / bigger drive?

5) How difficult / easy is this to do?

Thanks in anticipation


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Please give us the last three letters of your serial number so we know what iMac you have. You have most likely downloaded to many movies and/or music. You need about 10% free hard drive space for your machine to operate properly. Drag duplicate files to the trash and empty the trash to get rid of them. You may also have duplicates in iTunes, to fix this open iTunes and open the "show duplicates" option and start deleting them. Then you can do what Frank suggested and get a large external hard drive for storage and Time Machine backup. You can also install a larger internal hard drive. We can give you directions on that after we know which machine you have. Operated with a full hard drive will introduce errors into your data. I would advise defragmenting your files and optimizing your volume after you have enough free space. Use something like TechTools Pro to do this.

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1). it mean you ran out of space on your hard drive

2).get an external drive(firewire or usb) and copy data to it. then u don't have to open the mac to install a new hard drive.

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