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Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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Why Is My Finger Print Scanner Working But Not The Home Button

Hello all,

I am contacting to ask why the home button does not work when clicked, but the finger print scanner still works? I have never seen this before and would like to know if it can be fixed.

Also, the speakers stopped working? I cant even put it on loud speaker when I try make a call? Is this error to do with me, or is the phone faulty? :/

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This sounds like both a faulty loud speaker and a faulty home button connection. The home button connection can become faulty causing home buttton issues. There are other times to where the home button flex itself is malfunctioning and only the scanner is working although this is unlikely. If you can't hear any speakers, it is usually the loud speaker that is failing. If Siri, speaker phone, or front camera volume is not working, then you will need to look at replacing the front camera assembly as well. Hope all this helps. Let me know if this doesn't work as we can narrow down your specific issue.

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Thanks for the speedy reply. I tried a different home button, and it clicks fine, just no FPS. The old button is just not responding to the click? So its broken? :/

Also, the speakers connections are all fine, I dont have spares to test but the speakers must be faulty, because the logic board looks ok. Its just so strange because it is not water damaged. I cant figure it out :/


New home button will not scan. Only the original one will work and if that fails, Touch ID will not work ever again. No way to reporogram unfortunately. Components can fail in these device at anytime with no warning. It's a bummer. Order some new parts and try out the repair. I'm sure that'll fix it right up for you.


some how the button just stopped working properly so no scanner is my only option for a button... or no button with scanner ! LOL


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