RCA Android tablet with detachable keyboard, identified by model number RCT6303W87DK.

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I can't get my tablet to turn on

I can't get my tablet to turn on

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My tablet is not turning on


my tablet comes on to the android screen then turns off immediately


I pushed the reset button, that did not work. i won't come on took the battery out but still nothing


my laptop/tablet isn't working. the screen is black.


My charging light is flashing blue on my rca Viking pro 10 but won't turn on. Cant even hard reset it. Nothing is working. Any suggestion


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With the charger connected does the tablet indicate that it is charging at all?

Try resetting the tablet by using a straightened out paperclip to press the reset button which is found on the back of the tablet. When you insert the paperclip into the reset hole you will feel a button being pushed. Hold the button down for about 4-5 seconds then release to turn the tablet on

Here is an image that shows where it is located.

Block Image

(click on image to enlarge for better viewing)

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Hi @cam2363 ,

I think that you seem to be making a wrong assumption regarding your description of the device in your comment.

The manufacturer describes it as a "tablet", not a laptop, (ifixit also describes it as a tablet - see image and description linked to question), so the OP is also likely to describe it as such, because that is what it is known as, i.e. a "RCA 10 Viking Pro 2-in-1 tablet"

I'm being no more "picky" than you regarding this. ;-)


@jayeff Sorry, i didnt notice that


After resetting it only shows VIKING PRO what does it mean


So, that's what is so absolutely retarded about these type of forums.....the answers aren't really even legitimate and verified answers, or even, (after nearly two years of inactivity), had the topic closed due to inactivity or even better; due to a CONFIRMED Answer being given. Simply because I jump on here and in my infinite ineptitude I determine that the answer given must be correct, even though it clearly is pointed out that the answer was given considering the item was a laptop and not a tablet, which was, in fact incorrect. This should cause the Moderators and Administrators to look closer at the "answer" and either give it the verification it needs, (after correcting the errors), or to debunk the "answer" as invalid.


Hi @trebock3 ,

In a way it is a confirmed answer.

Only the OP (and the moderators if it is warranted) has the option to accept the answer, making it show up as the Chosen Solution.

If the OP accepts the answer (and there is no compulsion to do so, they can just upvote it or not even respond - which happens a lot) then the assumption is that the answer resolved the problem for THEM. Also it seems in this case as though it has helped some other people as well, given the upvote count. Enough for them to join ifixit and then to vote it up anyway

As with a lot of electronic devices a solution to a problem may not work for everyone. That is most probably why the thread is not closed to future answers or comments. Someone else may have a solution which is different but still effective and worked for them. There are numerous examples of this on the forum where the Chosen Solution is followed by other answers which also receive upvotes or positive/negative comments. At least this way they are all kept together under the one subject title rather than having to search through each question pertaining to the device.

I cannot see where "laptop" is mentioned in the answer except in my comment below it to another contributor pointing out that it was a tablet

If you click on Options > History in the answer you'll see that the answer hasn't changed regarding the description of the device.

With regard to the reset button the answer is in line with what is shown in the user manual (p.EN-7) for the tablet.


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