HP’s 6th generation, 2 in 1 laptop, released in July 2016, features a 13.3", 360 degree rotating, Touch Screen, 4GB Memory, and 500GB Hard Drive.

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Screen glass cracked but touch still working.

I mistakenly used my hands to press down on the hp logo on the top of my laptop and when I opened it there was a tiny crack in the middle of the laptop. Every other thing, such as the touchscreen works fine. The display is also perfect but I really want to fix the cracked glass. Do I need to replace just the glass ?

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@suby download the service manual for your computer from here Page 60 will show you how to replace the display panel

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If you can find glass then you should be able to replace it but Im only seeing complete displays .If you can find the glass this video will help with the replacement . Not an exact model match but very similar.


Hope this helps

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I have the same problem. What I have found is that you can replace just the glass. Catch is, HP only sells it as part of the entire display assembly. Thus, I have not been able to ID the glass part number with 100% certainty. Third parties sell the glass for around $75 but there are many different part numbers for what seems like the same size screen and series Pavilion.

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