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Model A1225 / Mid 2007 and Early 2008 / 2.4, 2.8, or 3.06 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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Take the guts from iMac and put them in a different enclosure?

Hi folks. I'm happy to say my mid 2007 24" iMac is still going strong. But I've recently bought a new mac and I'm planning on converting this iMac to a monitor using an LCD controller board.

But I feel like there's still some computing life left in this old machine! Do you think it would be feasible for me to take the logic board and the rest of the guts and place them in some other enclosure to keep using it as a server or maybe a wireless time machine?

Clearly I'd have to build a custom box, since nothing inside an iMac is standard sized.

I'd use the iMac's original power supply in the box. Is there any other major thing I'm missing?

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Tell us more. What's your RAM? What's the hard drive? Why do you feel you need to move it to another enclosure?


4GB RAM. I put in a 128GB SSD a few years ago. If I'm going to keep using the iMac as a computer, I need to put the guts in something else because I plan to use the screen as a monitor. I have to take the guts out to fit the LCD controller in the case.

I might try to find a way to just strap the LCD controller to the outside and keep all the iMac guts intact and working inside, but it would be a very ugly solution and I'm not confident of success.


I'd like to use the screen as a monitor for my laptop, and I'd like to use the imac's guts as a file server, time machine server, and plex server.


@mayer because I feel like it?


@codyr08 go for it!


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Got it. Cost $33.34 Get the number from the back of the screen. Do an eBay search for:

LCD Controller Driver Board Kit for (insert your number)

Here's an example:

NT68676(HDMI+DVI+VGA)LCD Controller Driver Board Kit for LP154WP4-TLA1 1440X900

Doing a 24" iMac

I just ordered a Driver Board for a 2007 24" iMac cost $31.59 for the controller board:

The problem with this one is that i also need a power supply to drive it for $35

5V/12V/24V Universal LCD/LED Power Supply Power Board for LCD TV 24"26"32"

Now I'll have a great looking monitor in an iMac stand. Great novelty item. Total cost $66.59

I may post a guide on it, if there is any interest.

Problem, I can buy a brand new 24" HDMI TV on eBay for $80 but it won't have the class the iMac will. But could I have put the TV in the iMac case?


Pictorial guide

How to build a display using a iMac

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@officialifixit. Please change your name


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Hello clatshaw this is a great idea but I would strongly recommend you but plenty of room and or fans to cool it and this would be great for a server like FreeNAS and some other cool cloud hosting or webhosting. I hope everything gose good best of luck

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Sure. All the iMac's fans and such would go in the box, too. Lots of holes to cut, for sure. FreeNAS looks pretty cool, but I think I'll just install MacOS Server and use it for time machine and plex.


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