Why wont the touch screen work after I replaced the screen

hello... i replaced the screen on my tablet(it was shattered) and the screen lights up but the touch parts not working.. kinda got a little crack in the corner while replacing not sure if i need to order another screen for what any help would b appreciated

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sounds like it was a cheap replacement so when you cracked it, the digitizer is no longer working. You'll have to replace the glass once again

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Thanks I think I'll try that.. Just didn't make sense because the shattered screen worked... Maybe it was just a cheap screen got on eBay for like $10 thanks for your help also do u know of a good adhesive for when I replace the screen


yes there is really good adhesive on amazon youll have to check. Send me pics of the tape of what you find! That's where I get mine. Usually tablet digtizers include the adhesive pre installed


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