Model A1238 / 80, 120, or 160 GB hard drive / black or silver metal front

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Does iPod Classic work with 320 GB Toshiba MK3233GSG Harddrive?


I've got the iPod Classic 160 GB "thick" version.

Will it work with the 320 GB Toshiba MK3233GSG Harddrive?


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No, that drive is not a ZIF so it wont work.You need a ZIF drive as well as a single platter drive.For the 320GB and 250GB is says "Number of disks = 2" while the 160GB says, "Number of disks = 1" I do remember having read about the issues so you might try to google it. Tons of info out there Good luck

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It looks like the MK3233GSG drive is SATA, in which case will not work.

The one inside the iPod Classic is.... ZIF, I think? Not sure...

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I'm trying to figure out the same, and my conclusion is that it is not possible.

I think the iPod you have is this one:

And the hard disk is this one:

If that's so, your iPod is ATA, while the 320 GB hardisk is SATA, so it shouldn't be compatible.

The largest compatible HD is 240 GB:

I thought of taking last iPod version (7G), change the back part to the "thick" one and put this hard disk, but it won't work either, 7G is ATA as well.

I know, it's frustrating.

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I have the IPOD MC297LL and the 240 GB drive will work in this model.

It will format to 223GB. You will need the thicker back plate with 240GB on the back, New front plate, battery, foam and the plastic piece that surrounds the drive. I believe this was the last IPOD (late 2009) model. It was not black, but Charcoal front plate. This would cost you about 150.00 US dollars if you shop around. I am looking into the 320GB for my next project IPOD Classic Generation 9.

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I have two iPod classic 7gs.

I first tried to use two different 240GB PATA ZIF SSDs with no luck at all (Renice K3VLAR and SuperTalent). I had other uses for these drives, so the rather astounding sum I spent on them still been put to good use.

The Toshiba MK2431GAH is the largest 1.8" PATA ZIF "tradtional" drive that I have been able to find. It works great, and I have modded both of my iPod Classic 7g units with no issues.

These are both 2-platter drives. The iPod does NOT care how many platters there are - but they ARE thicker so you DO need the thick back for the iPod classic.


1) You need to be VERY careful when working around the LCD panel while taking the case apart. 'nuff said.

2) You need to try to carefully preserve the rubber padding and foam that comes on the factory drive so you can transfer it. Otherwise, the new drive will rattle around inside the unit.

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I should add that I did this mod to iPod 7g units, not 6g. I do not know the physical specs on the 6G units - and would be careful to confirm the drive cable configuration before attempting this.

Also - has a an excellent thread on this topic. You might want to go take a look if it interests you.


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