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Released fall 2013, the Z30 is a touchscreen smartphone by BlackBerry.

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Why can't I get into the phone?

My blackberry turns on, I can see the notifications, but when I try to get in, it won't let me. It says if I get the password wrong 10 times it will delete my data, but I've been getting the password wrong every time and nothing's happening. The great thing about it is the worst thing about it, because my friend can't hack it to fix it for me.

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unfortunately Blackberry's "BB Protect" system is in place to keep personal data safe from prying eyes. blackberry has done it this way since BBOS6, which has kept them in the lead as quality business phones. apple and android have recently adopted this security measure as well to better cater to that market. Unfortunately, without the password, there is zero way to save the data. you can however, factory reset your device, should you need to use the phone itself. but it will lose your data

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Thanks. I let it delete my data. Better safe than sorry. I get it.


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