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Released: November, 2012 Identified by the model number LGMS770

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I can't hear the ring tones

Can't hear the ring tones on my phone

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Have you checked the ringtone volume level is OK by increasing it using the Volume Up button when the phone is ringing?

Have you turned the phone's sounds off? (Do you have this icon in the notification area at all?)

Block Image

(click to enlarge for better viewing)

If so here is how to ''Turn the phone sounds off'', scroll down to find the section in the webpage. To turn them on just tap on the same icon again

If the phone is not set for Silent and the volume level slide appears to be at a good level, then ensure that the desired ringtone option is not set to none.

Go to Home >All Apps swipe to and tap Settings > Sound > Ringtone.

Tap to select the preferred ringtone, then tap OK.

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