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Change MacBook Key Mapping

Hey iFixit,

I just replaced a liquid damaged keyboard on an 11" 2010 MacBook Air and updated to Sierra. My issue now is that since the 2010 version, the function row key layout has changed.

For example, skip track on the keyboard is mute, mute is volume down, volume down is volume up, volume up is nothing.

Does anyone know how to edit a file that changes how the computer interprets the keystrokes?

Thanks in advance for any ideas,


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There are software programs to do this (Karabina), but the best way is to transfer the top row of keys from the old keyboard to the new one. The writing is slightly silver compared to the white writing on the new one, but it is barely noticeable.

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Thanks, didn't think of this. All is well except the launcher key (f4) doesn't display the application menu.


Is it displaying the wrong thing or nothing at all? If it is not working at all, it will be an issue with the keyboard.


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