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Slow Performance will using heavy soft or Gaming?

When ever i play any games like Dota2 or any high end games or use heavy software my system is restarting with some blue screen .My system config is 960m graphic card 8gb ddr3 ram and 5gen core i7 2.7GHz intel processor

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Have you got the latest video drivers for your laptop and OS installed?

Here is a link to the MSi driver download page for your laptop. Select the appropriate OS.

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i have all the latest drivers



Check in Task manager Startup to see what is running 'in the background' that might be using resources unnecessarily.

Is there a message as well when you get the Blue Screen?

Check in Event Viewer to see if there is any indication of what is happening when it shuts down.


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Run a bench please. Your computer may be killing itself to preserve your parts as there may be an overheating issue.

If you built the unit yourself, did you apply thermal paste in your build? ;x

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