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Can a r005 resistor stop a pc from turning on

got a 980 ti from a mate that said it just stop working so i took it off him and found the one of the r005 resistor has a crack down it as well as missing the two 00 on the front writing i have include a photo of were it is

Block Image

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It might depend on what else is damaged that you can't see. Resistors rarely fail without a reason.

Is the PC giving error beeps or messages about a video problem on startup or just refusing to start?

If refusing to start with the card plugged in it could be draining too much power on its supply rail which is being detected by the BIOS.

Does the PC start without it plugged in using a different video card but one that uses the same PCI slot?

Not sure what you mean by "missing the two 00 on the front writing"


pc dose boot fine with a hd 7970 plug in but when i plug the 980 ti in the pc dosnt want to start. there is no beeps just refusing to start even when the 980 ti is not in the board it boots

wat i mean about the 00 missing is the some of the resister has broken off


is there any way of bypassing that resister to see if it has damage any other part of the gpu?


the psu i am using is a 650w gold from evga


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If you know its' value and replace it with like value it might be worth a try, if the resistor gets hot switch off quick. Bypassing it might cause more damage.

Is the power supply sufficient for the card >600W? The card requires 250W on the PCIe power supply from the PSU

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Use your multimeter and measure R52. Than purchase that resistor and replace R53 You cannot bypass a resistor since that will cause further damage. Once replaced, you will see if it was the culprit or if there are other issues with the card. I am with @jayeff on that one. Something got the resistor to fail...

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