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The sixth-generation Honda Civic was introduced in 1995. It retained its class-leading handling as it, along with the fourth and fifth generations, had front double wishbone suspension, the advanced independent suspension inspired by Honda's racing research.

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Car shakes and turns off

Just bought a2000 Honda civic a few weeks ago and last week it started shaking pretty bad when it started and then when it stopped but now it's shaking even worst and it turns off randomly please any ideas what could be wrong?

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Rosa is the service engine light on ? If so go to a pep boys or napa auto center and have the codes read. this will give you a really good idea as to what the problem is . Usually when the engine shakes its from a misfire . or It could be the timing is off from a stretched timing belt . The timing belt on these cars should be replaced with regular maintenance around 100,000 miles or every 7 years this will keep the motor running well for years . Dont wait for the timing belt to go or it may be to late for the motor. Hope this helps

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Thank you for your answer. I couldn't get a appointment till Friday at the mechanic but they did look at it when I took it to get the appointment they told me it was drivable but when I drove it the shaking got worse and it smelled like oil then it turned off again after a few minutes


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Could be vacuum leak. Pretty bad, should be easy to spot.

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