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Repair guides and support for the Toshiba Satellite L75-B7240 laptop computer. The Toshiba Satellite L75-B7240 features a 17.3 TruBrite TFT display with a 16:9 aspect ratio with support for 720p HD content.

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My laptop keeps shutting down?

I have a toshiba satellite laptop. I had a cracked screen that i just replaced. However, upon turning it back on the new screen lit up for about 3 seconds and then went black. And then about a minute later the computer turned off. I tried removing the battery and trying that shift/f8/power trick but that did not work either. I am wondering what is wrong with my computer and how can i fix it. I am willing to try anything, thanks.

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What does it do now when you try to turn it on? Was it new or used or OEM replacement screen, was the computer still functioning fine with old screen, do you hear fan's/hard drive running? Have you tried an external monitor.


When it turns on, the screen lights up, and its running. But after about 10 seconds the screen goes completely black and then the computer turns off. I have however noticed that the screen has been staying on longer. It was a new screen that i used for the replacement. While the screen was cracked the computer still worked, i just couldnt seen all of the screen since it was cracked. And the fan turns on when i turn on the computer. And im not sure how do the external moniter. I dont think i have an hdmi cable.


Update: i found an hdmi cable and hooked up my laptop. The display is showing up on my tv.


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Alaina , Since you have managed to hook up an external monitor and it is showing up, I would say the replacement monitor is faulty or the monitor cable could be loose or damage. One more thing you could try, would be is to delete the laptop monitor driver and reinstall, if no go then you may want to open up the computer and recheck the installation of monitor, check the cables and reseat the connections, after this retry and if still not working faulty monitor, return for replacement/refund. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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