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Model A1051 / 4 of 6 GB harde schijf

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What company of compact flash cards should I use?


I want to switch out the Harddrive of my ipod mini into a compact flash card.

I know that the cf card has to be fully ATA compatible and that sandisk works for this, but I am looking for a cheaper company.

Any suggestions??


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I now used a 32GB card by transcend. This worked fine and only cost me $45.


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As a photographer, I use Sandisk, however, Kingston and Lexar are widely known as well.

I would recommend Sandisk though as it is the most reliable.

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Thanks, but mine has to be fully ATA compatible, because I will build it right in the ipod, and I dont know which companys provide this.


Actually each pin on a CF card corresponds with a pin in a IDE 2.5" HDD. So yes, every CF card is ATA compatible. If it works in a dSLR, it is ATA compatible.


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