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Entry level laptop introduced in 2015. Comes in a range of processor options from the Celeron to the Core i7. Also comes with a few AMD processors, but most are Intel based.

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Why is the fan loud?

I've had my laptop for about a week, purchased new for around $400 from Amazon and the fan just recently started making a very loud noise. When I first got it the fan barely made a sound so I'm wondering why all of a sudden it's happening. Havent dropped it at all or has had any type of accidents.

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These noises are not normal. Problems now could lead to worse problems later. Your fan bearing is probably bad. I recommend returning it. Luckily, Amazon will charge you nothing and even pay for shipping to return it. Defending Amazon, this was not there fault but rather Acer's. P.S., when you return it I recommend this one in exchange: Acer Aspire E 15 E5-575-33BM

Very similar model.

Trust me, it's a killer deal.

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