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The LG K7 is smartphone released by LG in February 2016 and runs on Android 5.1.

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"type password to decrypt storage"

so i turned on my lg to to check to the time and i noticed that it just booted with "authentication fail #9 modified" so i just turned it off and on again and it actually started this time but with the message stating "type password to decrypt storage". i have never seen that message so i tried to fix it by putting in every password i have and nothing worked. i never encrypted it in the first place.

a few notes i have had it for only 2 months and no it is not stolen i bought it at metropcs(i know it it isnt the best) please help me

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Hello Sir……

Sir help me right now my phone is show type password to decrypt storage i can don’t understand

so plz help me sir……


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I Just Master reset with hardware keys

Turn off the device.

Press and hold the Power and Volume down buttons on the back of the device.

When the LG logo appears, quickly release and then re-hold the Power button while continuing to hold the Volume down button.

But you will lose all your data.

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Thanks a lot John.


Yo lo hice pero me aparece donde tengo q poner un código


You have an another idea? it's not work bro


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