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This is an air purifier with an ionizer and permanent air filter to purify the air in small rooms.

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Why does the fan get louder after only 1 week of use?

I purchased 4 of these BAP600 units from Best Buy just over a week ago. When first installed, the fan on each was quiet, especially on setting 1. Now, just a week later, all of them are much louder and the fan sounds much faster on level 1. They are all different sounding. One of them is so loud, that there is barely a difference in fan speed 1 and 2! For fun, I removed the filter and ran each on level 1, and the fan returned to the original quietness, until I put the filter back in. Cleaning the filter as per instructions has not resolved the issue.

Any ideas? There are no obstructions in the intake or outlet for air.


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Same with mine, I bought mine at Christmas and a week later it just kept getting louder, even went and bought the better filte, no change


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@pneedler ,Paul , You say when you remove the filters all was good. If you take the filter out of one of the quieter one's and put it in the noisiest one, if the noise changes to be the same a the quieter one, then it is a filter problem. If the noise does not change then the fan should be returned as defective. Actually you may want to return all of them while you can, if the filters are not going to live up to a satisfactory standard and unacceptable noise level created after a week. You may want to find a model with larger filter/capacity. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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All 4 units have become like user and swapping filters does not matter. I have written Bionnaire support. We shall see. It would be a shame if the filters are bad. Thanks.


Bio naive sent me 4 replacement units under warranty. We have run them continuously for only 4 days now. Well one of them is sounding louder now just like the first batch. So I am trying an experiment by washing one of the older ones which only ran for a week, under water and drying it thoroughly on the heat vent. We shall see but I think the filters are crap in these units. Ultimately they do their job if they get clogged so fast but replacement costs would be through the roof.


Gotta love auto spell correct. Not Bio naive. Bionnaire. Ha ha


@pneedler, Paul, Yes do try and if it does not come back to acceptable level, return the units perhaps for a model with larger filtration area and prefilter. Good luck.


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