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Entry level laptop introduced in 2015. Comes in a range of processor options from the Celeron to the Core i7. Also comes with a few AMD processors, but most are Intel based.

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Laptop powers to Black Screen, no boot

When I press the power button it goes to turn on but doesn't kick in, the fans spin and the lights come on, also if I pop out the CD tray it will make an attempt to load a disc but ultimately doesn't.

this video of problem

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Not 100% sure but it could be a motherboard issue. Since it is not POSTing at all, thats what makes me think this.

One thing you could try is to clear the CMOS chip by removing the small button battery from the board for a couple seconds

Another thought; could it be the screen itself? try plugging the laptop into an external monitor/tv and see what happens.

Unfortunatly motherboard repairs on Windows based computers is pretty rough and can often lead to more damage if not done correctly. I would suggest taking it to your local repair shop (if there is one) and seeing what they say. If you do go to a repair shop, let us know what they say

Best of luck,


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