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Why will Water filter not turn to lock in place?

Why can't the refrigerator water filter 4396701 be turned to lock in place?

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Sharon-if the filter is located in the top right rear of the fresh food section then I experience this a lot. I don't know why, but I have to remove the top shelves to install it. If the filter is located elsewhere refer to LPlaffs answer.


We tried about a hundred times. In the end, we think the new filter was faulty. WE then put the old one back, using your oil suggestion and it worked!

Now we wait for a new LG filter (expensive!) to install.


The cooking oil did the trick




There are two O-rings on outside and one O-ring in center. my problem might have been a manufacturing defect but found the center piece with the single O-ring is not recessed enough into the cartridge. Compare your original one to your new one. If that is the case, I took a small pair of diagonal cutters and sniped that piece, so it was shorter. That fixed my problem. it slid right in.


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@lorene56 , Sharon, Compare new and old filter for correct size. Make sure you remove the dust cap/plug from the inlet on new filter. Check to see if all rubber O rings are still attached to old filter and not stuck inside the fridge filter housing. Use a flashlight to look in the fridges filter housing to see if some foreign object is in the way of new filter locking in. Try a little vegetable oil on the new filter cartridges rubber O rings to help it slide easier and lock in. Last of all sometimes it just takes a little more force/strength, let some else give it a try and do not be afraid to give it a wiggle side to side and up and down while pushing in. Good luck.

I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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Does the water filter cartridge need to be in a lock position? When I lock, no water comes out. When a quarter turn, water is still dispensing


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