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Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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LCD broken. DOA or self-caused?

Hello community!

I just fitted a new LCD, but as you can see in the images, the screen is broken.

The question is whether it is a bad screen, and i can ask for a replacement;

or if this is caused by "outside factors" , as in subjected to physical stress/load?

Maybe a trained eye can give me an educated opinion?

Thanks for any help

Regards, Oyvind


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Both options are possible. If you are confident that you did not mishandle the screen assembly or accidentally poke it with a screwdriver or something, then I would consider it to be defective.

Talk to your supplier/seller and see what recourse you have.

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Okay, so this kind of fault could be either mishandling and/or that it came defective from supplier...?

No closer to a solution there then.

Got a response from the supplier:

"Hi Oyvind,

Thanks for your email, this has been cracked centrally, and fitted, we would recommend that you dry test the LCDs, prior to fitting them in an iPhone chassis, this way if the LCD is damaged from delivery as it has not been fitted we can cover, as soon as the LCD is fitted in to a chassis, we cannot cover the LCD as the damaged could have been caused in fitment. We would not be able to cover this unfortunately and it is unlikely that this kind of damaged would have happened in transit we cannot cover this.

Kind regards,"


Well, I don't know what kind of answer you expected. We are only volunteers trying to help out and we don't know anything about how you or the supplier handled the screen, nor how it was packaged, shipped or anything else really.

As far as his response, it seems like a cop-out to me even though I understand where they are coming from. Depending on where you bought it and how you paid it, you could have some recourse.


Hmm. Yeah, you're gonna expect the supplier to not cover costs, where they can. If it showed up, and was broken when you installed, likely doa. You also may want to pick your battles. One screen over a reliable business relationship?


Good point although it's unclear to me if this is an end-user or a repair shop (likely the former). There are a lot of shady suppliers out there although to his credit, he did respond to the OP.


Minho : sorry if i seemed ungrateful, i was just hoping that this would be a clear-cut type of fault. As in "this is definately caused by this-and-that".

I am honestly not certain whether i might have rough-handled it during fitting; it was on the table for a week as i had to order in different flex-cables during the repair, and bit of dead-end job as the owner said it had started behaving oddly prior the glass-break. So i may have been a little casual with this particular repair.

But : i have repaired some 200-300 phones and usually have good routines, so...

Anyway, the supplier knows i fitted it and has declined a return/refund, so i think i am going to leave this "unfulfilled".

BTW - the supplier is a renown british company and has been very dependable and helpful otherwise, so i am not gonna ruin the relation over this one part

thank you for your input!


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Well..there are cracks, on the top. Was it cracked when you took it out of the packaging? Or when you put it in the phone? I could see some damage happening to the LCD during transit, but it kinda looks like it has to do with those cracks

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Those are actually not cracks, it is just the jagged edges of the protective plastic film that the screen comes with. I have sliced it with a knife to prevent it extending over the edge while working


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