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black screen nikon camera - after being dropped!

The lcd screen is all fine but it now only takes black photos. What's the likely damage? When you try and see what you're shooting through the lcd screen it's black.

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seems to be an overall common problem with ALL the Nikon cameras. Won't be buying Nikon again unfortunately. Sad.


I’m on holiday and it fell from hip height (abt 80cm tall) trying to put it away into my backpack. Now the black screen of death is upon me and I’m very disappointed with Nikon’s QC. The camera lauds not just being waterproof but rugged enough to survive an official drop test to 2.1m7ft height! I’ve always been a Nikon guy with a proper Nikon DSLR but this certainly makes me think twice about upgrading with them....


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What is the model number of the camera?

Just clarifying when you say it only takes black photos, do you mean that literally? Downloaded photos are black?

Can you see the menu screens OK on the LCD screen?

Try taking a photo and downloading it to a computer. I realize that you cannot "see" what you are taking.

If the downloaded photos are black and the LCD screen is also black (no menu screens) it is probably a faulty CCD sensor and a possibly faulty LCD screen - It could also be a motherboard problem which is affecting both the CCD sensor and the LCD screen.

If the downloaded pictures are black and the menu screens are OK it is probably a CCD sensor problem.

If the downloaded pictures are OK and the menu screen is black it is a faulty LCD screen.

Update (02/17/2017)


Here is a link to the Ifixit guides to repair Nikon cameras. Hopefully your model is listed (click on the appropriate type to expand choices) and if so that it shows how to replace the CCD sensor. To obtain CCD sensor part, just search online for Nikon (your model) CCD sensor replacement part to get results for suppliers of the part.

Good Luck with your repair.

Nikon Camera Repair

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Thanks, that helps. From what you say it's probably the CCD sensor. What this means is another question! but I feel progress has been made :)


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Hi @It's Julia's Life NL,

Can you view the camera's menu screens OK in the camera's LCD screen?

Just to clarify, when you take a picture, not a recording (do you mean a video?) and download it to a computer, is the image dark, but the picture is still discernible or is it just a totally black image? I realize that you cannot 'see' what you are taking in the camera's LCD screen

If you can't view the camera's menu screens and a downloaded picture is dark or even black, then there is a problem with the camera's CCD sensor or the motherboard or both.

If you can view the camera's menu screens OK and the picture is dark or totally black, then there is a problem with the camera's CCD sensor and possibly the motherboard.

Has the camera been dropped or gotten wet at all, you didn't say?

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Hey! So I've got the same problem with my camera. It's a Nikon Coolpix A300 and It's not listed in the Ifixit camera list. I'd really like to know what to do with it. When I turn it on, the screen is black. However, when I turn the camera to a light spot or something, the screen becomes more gray. Also, all the recordings I make are black-ish.

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